On-the-spot assistance

TIMAC Agro Italia has the widest and ramified network of technicians specialized in plant and animal nutrition in the national territory. Each technician visits on average 8 to 10 farms a day to which they offer specialized assistance on plant.

Around the world

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The Group’s philosophy is based on the valorization of Human Resources, on constant and constructive contact with both the end user and the dealer and on a marketing-oriented research, aimed at promptly and quickly responding to the market needs.

Organic farming

The growing importance of Organic agriculture in our Country is based on the deep knowledge and expertise needed to ensure a production that is economically viable while at the same time being ecologically sustainable. Besides supporting the nutrition program, the role of our agronomists is to protect, preserve and maintain biodiversity. In fact, these objectives can be achieved only through a careful and proper management of natural resources.

Export from Italy

The closeness of the Barletta plant to the port and the location of the Ripalta plant in the north of Italy have allowed the company to try and increase exports. The establishment of the production unit in Apulia has marked a new step in the history of TIMAC Agro Italia, that is the export of fertilizers; and indeed the plant is currently exporting 50% of its production towards countries in the Mediterranean basin while 50% of it is sold on the Italian market.